Floatin city

One of the highly advanced embassies on Daomhaen. Fields of alien plants can be seen in the background

Daomhaen is the third moon from Shaorean in the Noiyarna system, and is home to the Laoine. It is a planet nearly covered completely in water, and is much larger than Earth.


Nearly completely covered in water, Daomhaen is very different than most terrestrial objects in its area.


The diameter of Daomhaen is approximately 15,000 kilometers, and a density of 4.6 g/cm^3. This gives it a high gravity, but does not hinder the aquatic biosphere of the planet. However, it gives it a much higher escape velocity, and much more powerful rockets than usual have to be used to stay in orbit.


Daomhaen has a rich watery ocean surface, filled to the brim with nutrients and minerals. This leads down for several kilometers, until it reaches the porous crust, which is covered in several smoking holes which provide minerals and is covered with several metals such as titanium, iron, and several other hard metals. Further down provides more pressurized materials, including diamonds and other such gemstones. The mantle reaches far down to a small, white-hot core of titanium.

History Edit

Daomhaen started out as little more than a large planetoid. However, collisions with other planetoids and meteors caused its mass to grow. Rogue comets from other systems flew onto the surface, and provided water, then rainfall. The surface was quickly covered in water, the atmosphere developed, and life was born. Life progressed quickly. With no mass extinctions to hinder it, the Laoine quickly evolved sapience.


Once all-natural, Daomhaen is now covered with floating cities and research labs. These cover more than half the surface, and are very significant. These cities descent to the depths of the dark waters of the planet.

There is one continent of Daomhaen, making up for around 4% of the planetary surface. It is severely eroded inside with caves, allowing the early Laoine to mine iron and copper from here. Smelting was allowed through water-boiling vents causing pockets in the water- the water didn't collapse them due to the lower pressure.


Life is very straightforward here, eat or be eaten, basic rules of nature and such. Sapience did not occur until Yuharon visited the planet, seeing the interesting ways of life. They eventually created the original ancestors of the Laoine.

Most life here is either brainless invertebrates, single celled, or jawless vertebrates. Oxygen is filtered from carbon dioxide by large colonies of single celled organisms named Oriaone, which are eaten by low members of the food chain. These in turn are eaten by ravenous carnivores such as the Laoine.

Current List of Major LifeformsEdit

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