Daggerjaws are gigantic predators native to Thanatos. They are dinosaurian in appearance, with large crests on their heads. Like almost all animals on Thanatos, they are predators, with huge teeth and a huge appetite.


A daggerjaw.


Daggerjaws are a gigantic 125 feet long and 60 feet tall at the shoulders. They weigh 30 tons, but can sprint at surprisingly high speeds of 19 MPH. Their teeth are up to 55-65 centimeters long, and are serrated.


Perhaps the top predator on Thanatos, daggerjaws eat any other animal they see. However, snapflies and gigapterus sometimes attack and kill them, meaning that Thanatos has no true apex predator.


Daggerjaws resemble the theropod dinosaur Carcharodontosaurus, but are much larger. Males have brontothere like horns on their noses, which they use to fight males during mating season. Young have Spinosaurus like sails, but these are vestigal in adults. Large spikes are present along the tail.

Breeding and lifespanEdit

Males court females by killing all the other males in a 20 mile radius, reducing competition. After mating, females lay eggs in trees. The eggs take 4.5 months to hatch. The female takes care of her young for 5 years after birth. Daggerjaws are sexually mature at 12 years, and have a lifespan of 120-140 years.

Lethality classEdit

Due to their superb sense of smell, daggerjaws are classed as motile IX in lethality.

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