Daemon Colonization of Lanka
Part of the Daemon Wars
Lanka bombing
Date 3.456(.956) AM
Location Lanka
Result Decisive Daemon victory
The Daemons (consisting mainly of Rakshasa) Unknown, the Praedicans
Ravana, assisted by Kumbhakarna Unknown
The Starburn,
5000 Daemon Warships,
79000 Daemon ground troops
Uncertain, possibly many thousand soldiers
None reported Entire dominant race,
the vast majority of Praedicans
Information taken from Daemon records
In the Daemon Colonization of Lanka, the hideous Daemons, led by the Gehennian and Seven Ravana, landed on the planet Lanka to conquer it.

All the details in this article were taken from Daemon records, as the records of the other races were presumably destroyed.


As soon as the Daemons reached Lanka, the battle was swift. The dominant sapient race living on the planet was said to be entirely obliterated, while the other beings, the Praedicans, were almost entirely exterminated.

Revelation 1

One of the only surviving texts depicting the Colonization (Page 1 of 2)

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