Cubes are the standard unit of currency within Imperial Lepta.


Cubes are small gems cut into cubes; hence the name. The average size of a cube is half a cubic centimeter. It is not unheard of for Wazelian children to choke to death on these items.


There are three different types of cubes: Quartz, Jade, and Diamond. Quartz cubes are common, frequently found in even slaves pockets. Jade cubes are slightly more valueble, worth about ten Quartz cubes. And Diamond cubes are worth approximately one hundred Jade cubes.

Purchasing PowerEdit

Although the Leptan economy fluctuates constantly, and forces such as inflation tend to change values to some degree or another, the following examples give an idea as to the purchasing power of the cubes.

A chunk of dried Xalor flesh may cost five Quartz cubes.

A medium-quality Hengist steak will cost around five Jade cubes.

A steel long sword will cost around fifty Jade cubes.

A typical soldier can expect to be payed about 1.5 Diamond cubes per month.

A slave may cost up to twenty Diamond cubes.

In FolkloreEdit

The kraesk is a common species of vermin on the planet Wazel. This Leptan myth tells of the first kraesk.

There was once a greedy Emperor, whose young son swallowed a Diamond cube. The Emperor, being an incredibly greedy person, drew a sword and prepared to disembowel his child, so as to retrieve his cube. But efore he could do so, the Supreme Creator appeared to him in a vision, saying this:

"Noble Emperor, do not slay your son, for it is not befitting for a high-born Wazelian to slay his own seed."

And the Emperor said: "But behold, he hath swallowed my Diamond cube."

And the Supreme Creator said: "I see this is true. I will cause thy son to spit out thy Diamond cube. And in punishment for his gluttony, I will transform him into a ravenous creature that knoweth no feeling but hunger."

And so the Emperor's son became the first kraesk.

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