Cthire, atop a Rennite fortress








Evil Overlord

Cthire was a Gehennian, a type of Daemon found in the Daemoniverse. He was one of the Seven, a group of Gehennians who serve as the "heads" of Hectocapitus.


Cthire resembled a giant black dragon. His eyes glowed red, and he had long spikes coming off his head and neck.


Cthire held a great knowledge of science, and was charged with creating and managing new forms of Warships, Warbeasts and Grakk. He rarely held a command post.

Cthire built the warship Torment. He captained it for a while, but Soulbane took it from him. Since Soulbane was more powerful and favoured than he was, Chire could do nothing about this. It is rumored that he was making a new, better ship before his death.

Cthire lived on Inferno most of the time.


Cthire was generally a cool and logical individual, calculating each decision with lethal precision. However, he was prone to extreme fits of rage, during which he often killed large numbers of Grakk and sometimes Korgrath. Because of this, his minions usually left him alone in his chamber.


Cthire had many children, including Dusteater, who pursued the Wanderer throughout the Obscura Galaxy for a while.

His daughter Indigo suceeded him in his role as chief scientist of the Daemons.


Cthire was killed by the Rennite Dolen, with a Neutronium-metal bullet. Some believe Soulbane was somehow involved.

Soon after his death, it was discovered that he had created a special starship before his demise, a highly powerful vessel known as the Nemesis. The remaining Seven immediately set out to capture his ship.

He was replaced by Arethusa.

In FictionEdit

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