Croucher Kineks are a type of Kinek from Cthonia.
Croucher kinek

Croucher Kinek


Crouchers are quite small, often less than 40cm long. Their body is very close to the ground, and their claws comparatively long. They also have long, flexible tails.

They have the same three eyespots and mouth as other Kineks.

Their features combine to make them able to climb the lower levels of Clubtrees. They sleep above the reach of Tigrids.


Crouchers eat Clubferns, though they have been known to eat shrooms too.

Life CycleEdit

Crouchers live independently, though they are happy grazing with other Kineks.

During the breeding season, males mate with any females they meet.

Gestation takes six weeks, and clutches of five to eight eggs are laid. The female cares for the young until they are four weeks old.

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