Crolphins are reptilian predators native to the swamps of Thanatos.

Appearance and behaviourEdit

Crolphins have a long, thin snout, filled with many conical teeth. They have a pair of arms with large hands, and a long tail. They are usually grey or brown in color, and reach lengths of up to 7 feet long. They also have a pair of atrophied limbs at the back to aid in mating.

Crolphins spend most of the time in water, and rarely wander onto land.


Carnivores, crolphins feed on various fish, small amphibians, insects, crustaceans, omnishrimp, worms and carrion.


Crolphins have a rather interesting explanation behind them. Shrink-wrapped dinosaurs are a pet peeve of mine, so why not shrink-wrapped dolphins?

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