Contagi is a biomechanical "planet" in the Drogorn Galaxy, within the Undrishuar universe.


The surface of Contagi is covered in countless self-replicating nanobots. These nanobots are programmed to defend Contagi, and can form various weapons and structures. They perceive all lifeforms as a threat, and will attempt to kill them at all costs.

The interior of Contagi consists of various tunnels and caves, constructed from organic flesh-like material, as well as derelict sewer regions filled with water.

The center of Contagi is a large, mostly empty room. The middle of the room consists of a large computer. This computer contains an artificial brain which controls the nanobots on the surface. However, this brain is not sapient, and is in fact no more complex than the brain of a queen bee. Thus, the nanobots act as non-living "soldiers".


Contagi has an atmosphere, but this is too thin for most complex organisms to breathe, consisting almost entirely of trace gases and small amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

As a threatEdit

The nanobots of Contagi are regularly ejected into space, where they float around until they land on a planet or moon, where they begin to replicate again. Left uncontrolled, these can kill off all lifeforms on the planet or moon. However, the nanobots are sensitive to EMP.


The following planets have been infected by the nanobots of Contagi.


  • Anyone who wants an infected planet can add it to the list.

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