Lentaa Conquering of Ymir
Part of The Lentaa Invasion of the Daemoniverse
Lentaa vs Daemons 1
Date 4,000,002 AM
Location Ymir, in the Daemoniverse
Result Decisive Lentaa victory
Lentaa Daemons
Lar 'Ar Krar Iceflame
Millions of Lentaa ships, each with thousands on board Many Alma and Esumum, the Iceray and other, smaller ships
a few Lentaa ships all Daemons

The Conquering of Ymir was the event when the Lentaa invaded the Daemoniverse. After being transported there through a wormhole, the Lentaa declared war on the Daemons, taking Ymir and suffering few casualties themselves, as the Daemons were unprepared.

It was followed by the Assault on Unda.

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