Clubtrees are a type of Exantid, the plant equivalent on Cthonia.



Clubtrees can become very large. Usually, they are about 5m tall, but specimens have been recorded five times that height. It could be that they are speciating far faster than expected.

They have layer of leaves, four fleshy leaves coming out in each layer. The trunk is thick. As all Exantids, they are black. If a Kinek eats one of these leaves, it can regenerate within a week if not damaged at the stem.

The plant has extensive roots. These are often gnawed at by Kivens. It has a fleshy, unprotected shoot at the top which it grows through. This is eaten by Flyer Kineks.

Life CycleEdit

Clubtrees produce pollen, which drifts across the forests quite thickly, causing a dense mist on dry days when the produce it.

If this pollen lands in one the ovules that the clubplants produce under their topmost leaves in the reproduction season, then fertilisation will occur. Seeds are often consumed by the Kivens, but some land away from the plant and grow.