The Chyztrek are a sapient, expansionist, diarchial, interstellar race of the Viperius Galaxy. They are currently involved in two conflicts: The Trade War, against the forces of the Kerarans, and The Rychyrai War, against the forces of the Uyrrii.


The Chyztrek are tripedal pentacrurians, with three legs and two arms. They have two front legs and one back leg to aid them in support.  All legs face outwards from the body, practically making a peace symbol. 

Chyztrek can grow to be up to 9 feet tall, with legs that, when spread out, measure around 12 feet in length.

Their hands each have six fingers, with two on either side being little more than stumps on the end. They have two opposing thumbs. Their feet are nearly like this, except with the thumbs looking more like dew claws.

Their skeleton is silicaceous-calcaceous, with a very low breakage rate. 

They have thick muscles, allowing them to run at 20km/h and easily catch prey and enemies. This also allows them to wear very heavy armor. 

Their cardiovascular system is centered around a large heart, which has four atria and four ventricles. This goes to four lungs, each with two lobes and connected to spiracles and a trachea from the mouth. 


Chyztrek are omnivorous, although prefer meat due to its fat and protein over sugar. They can have a caloric consumption of up to 5,000 calories per day.


The Chyztrek do not often augment themselves with implantations, rather changing genetic codes. They use this to create more powerful soldiers.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Chyztrek are quite intelligent, having a complex society.


The Chyztrek language is rather complex, with at least ten tenses and three voices. The language itself is spoken rather slowly, but each word in the language can contain the meanings of entire clauses or even sentences. For example, Chyztrek would be literally translated as 'those who stand and walk.'

Coined terms are made commonly in the language, mainly out of conjoined words.


The Chyztrek name is made into five parts - although only in one word.

The first part is their caste title. This is shown with one vowel, with  A, E, I, U, and Y. The next segment is gender notification; having two genders: tur for males and tar for females. The next segment is for job, and is always three letters. Soldiers do not have this section, instead having the rank in front of their name. 

The fourth section is a given name. This is usually the only name said, but only informally. This is the longest section of their name. The last part of the name is a short summary of their actions - much like the Roman Cognomen, like Africanus in Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus.

An name example would be U'tur|tza|kyroyz'chyrai.


The Chyztrek are a deeply philosophical race, much like the Greeks of ancient times. They have had several famous philosophers over the centuries, thinking of fundimental aspects of physics in their early years - atoms, charges, gravity, et cetera.

As such, their science advanced extremely rapidly.


The Chyztrek religion is based on a material God-Philosopher and very 'powerful' previous God-Philosophers. A God-Philosopher is appointed when one discovers a new theory. As such, there can be several of these, or none at all.

Their pantheon includes the discoverer of atoms, gravity, Hyperspace, a shady discoverer of fire, DNA, and quite a few more. A vote is decided as to whether the current God-Philosopher(s) are worthy of joining the pantheon. One has not been voted for the past 50 years, since the discovery of hyperefficient radiators. The last major deity was the discoverer of Hyperspace, nearly 200 years ago.


Chyztrek law is based on a series of morals set out by God-Philosophers. The laws are very strict.

Simple crimes such as planning small crimes (e.g. light theft) are punished by months imprisoned or a large fine.

Performing these crimes or planning a large crime (e.g. assault) can result in years imprisonment and a large fine.

A performance of a larger crime or planning murder, arson, or other very large crime can result in life imprisonment and government possession of all property.

A murder will cause immediate execution and government possession of all property.



The Chyztrek are a highly technological race.


Chyztrek weaponry is highly potent, with several melee and ranged weapon choices.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Chyztrek melee weapons are either chain- or plasma-based, both highly effective.

  • Chainswords are the basic melee weapon choice, with a very fast motor operating inside of a ceramic-coated tungsten-alloyed titanium and graphene-laced container. The motor operates at nearly 17000RPM, and with graphene spikes on each chain, this can cut through organics and armors with ease. The blade is around 1.8 meters long, with a 36-centimeter handle and thick hilt. 
  • Great Chainswords are geared towards the use of weight for an advantage, and has much more cutting power. The chain's container is much like that of a chainsword, other that that it weighs more at the end for more leverage. Its motor can operate at more than 25000RPM, with larger graphene spikes capable of slicing through several inches of titanium. Great Chainswords can also have a plasma field around itself so it can melt through non-ceramics, although this is not as concentrated as the more powerful plasma weapons. The blade is around 3 meters long, with a 56-centimeter handle and heat and chain-resistant hilt.
  • Plasmaswords are the basic plasma weapon used, with a ceramic blade excreting plasma so that electromagnetic fields can contain it. This is very useful with anti-armor in that it can melt through several metals. The blade length of a plasmasword varies, from 1.6 to 2 meters. Melee plasma weapons usually operate at plasma temperatures of around 5,000 degrees kelvin.
  • Plasmaclaws are exactly what they state - a few plasma daggers attatched to a gauntlet so that it appears to be an oversized claw. This is useful in taking down heavily-armored foes such as specialist heavy troops and vehicles, as its concentrated force can easily smash metals, with the plasma melting away the rest. Each claw is around 40cm long, with four claws on each gauntlet. These are most effective when dual-wielded, although it can be wielded along with any one-handed gun.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Chyztrek ranged weaponry is quite advanced, although they have not developed miniaturized railguns and rely primarily on guns known as sluggers and plasmaguns.

  • Sluggers are the basic weapon the Chyztrek armory, requiring two hands to wield properly. Each average slugger fires depleted uranium slugs, making them good for armor penetration. Each uranium slug weighs around 250g, accelerated to 1.6km/s in most situtations. This delivers around 320g of TNT equivalent per shot. A slugger is around 1.6 meters long, with a ceramic-coated titanium barrel with a coating of graphene on the inside of the barrel. It is held in a similar fashion to a rifle, and can fire at rates of one per two seconds. They have relatively long ranges, nearing 1.3km.
  • Slugger Pistols are the basic one-handed weapon for the Chyztrek armory, often accompanied by a chainsword. They operate in almost the same fashion as traditional sluggers, although each uranium slug weighs only 125g and is accelerated to only 1km/s. This delivers 63g of TNT equivalent per shot. Each slugger pistol is around 60cm long, and can fire at a rate of two per three seconds. They have relatively short ranges, only around 400m.
  • Heavy Sluggers are much larger than traditional sluggers, and operate at higher rates of fire and power. Their slugs are slightly more concentrated, allowing for more weight in each volley. Each of these slugs weighs nearly 300g, usually accelerated to 2km/s. Each shot delivers 600g of TNT equivalent with these figures. A Heavy Slugger is around 2.5 meters long, and is usually mounted on a biped. The weapon itself also has a thicker barrel and more complicated loading system. Each can fire at rates of 3 bullets per second. They have very long ranges, nearing 2km.
  • Submachine Sluggers are designed for taking down light troops in large volleys. Their slugs only weigh around 50g, and are accelerated to 775m/s. Each shot delivers 150g of TNT equivalent, much less than even a pistol. However, it can fire at rates of nearly 6 per second. The gun is around 80cm long, and is possible to wield in one hand. Their range is quite short, at around only 250m.
  • Slugger Cannons are large, biped-mounted anti-vehicle weapons. They produce quite high yields as it was designed for taking out metal vehicles, although they have paintstakingly low firing rates. They fire 1kg bullets at 2.6km/s, creating a large yield of 3.3kg TNT equivalent per shot. However, it can only fire at rates of one per 18 seconds, with a slow reload that can occasionally have a mishap and take up to a minute. The gun is more than 3 meters long, not being able to wield in two hands.
  • Plasma Rifles are the basic ranged plasma weapon in the Chyztrek armory, using the advantage of heat to destroy armor and organics with ease. They fire 50g plasma streams in thin spurts at around 700m/s, giving it a rather low yield. However, the plasma also accumulates around the spot where it impacted, and the heat transferral melts any metal and vaporises organics which it touches. The plasma on these can reach more than 30,000 degrees kelvin, much higher than melee. The barrel is around 2 meters in length, and can fire once per two seconds.
  • Plasma Pistols are much less powerful, although are quite powerful when accompanying a plasma melee weapon as a sidearm. They fire 20g plasma streams in slightly more concentrated bursts at around 400m/s, with an even lower yield. The plasma is heated to aroound 17,500 degrees kelvin, which is enough to melt most ceramics. They can fire three times in five seconds, and are each around 60cm in length.
  • Plasma Cannons are designed for taking out heavy vehicles and groups of heavy infantry. They fire slightly less concentrated bursts of 200g of plasma around 600m/s, giving an impact force of just about 100g of TNT equivalent, which can usually punch through enemy armor. As the plasma is heated to more than 50,000 degrees kelvin, this will instantly burn through enemy vehicles without sufficient cooling and shielding, vaporising occupants on the inside. The larger blasts easily take out groups of heavy infantry by heating the air around it and creating more plasma.
  • Missile Launchers are often added to squads who need heavy support in the form of attacking light infantry swarms. Each missile contains a large amount of high explosive, which can be worth 200g-5kg of TNT per missile, depending on the number of enemies being fired on. Missile launchers are fired from the shoulder and do not usually weigh much, as the missile is guided by a chemical rocket with aided thrusters.
  • Flamethrowers are useful against lesser races and organics such as the incoming Hydrans. It fires fluoridated nanoparticles, which is aided with a gelling substance which sticks to targets. This can reach nearly 3,000 degrees kelvin.


Chyztrek heavy weaponry is extremely powerful, and is capable of taking out massive amounts of infantry or acts as a good tank-buster.

Vehicle WeaponsEdit

  • Heavy sluggers, plasma cannons, and slugger cannons can be commonly seen on Chyztrek vehicles.
  • Vehicle chainswords are for smaller vehicles with higher mobility. They are 3-meter long blades operating at 36,000RPM with graphene edges and a very durable container.
  • Autosluggers are upgraded versions of heavy sluggers, firing at very high rates. They fire 150g bullets at 1.6km/s, at a firing rate of 24 per second. Each shot delivers 45g of TNT equivalent. The barrels, which there are six of, each are 3.5 meters long, and are accompanied by a large chainaxe-blade on the bottom which is rather powerful.
  • Slugger Obliterators are upgraded versions of slugger cannons. They fire 10kg bullets at 3km/s, with firing rates of 1 per 3 seconds. Each shot transfers a total of 20kg of TNT equivalent, making it highly effective against vehicles and settlements. The barrel extends to around 10 meters in length.
  • Light Laser Cannons are low-power laser weapons, capable of taking out light infantry but practically useless against vehicles and buildings. They have 5MW power sources and a very small aperture, which can penetrate most thin armor and destroy organics with ease. The barrel measures around 3 meters in length, although its capacitators and optics take up plenty of space.
  • Medium Laser Cannons are medium-power laser weapons, capable of taking out large amounts of infantry and can act as a decent tank buster. They have 20MW power sources and a small aperture, which can penetrate heavy armor quickly. The barrel measures around 5 meters in length, with internal workings taking up a lot of space.
  • Heavy Laser cannons are high-power laser weapons, acting mainly as tank busters and bunker busters. They have a 150MW power source and a medium-sized aperture, which can vaporise titanium at a frightening rate and sublimate entire squads of enemy troops in seconds. The weapon measures 15 meters in length, however, and can only be wielded by heavy tanks.
  • Light Railguns are powerful weapons, wielded by smaller vehicles for taking out tougher foes. They fire 50g projectiles at 12km/s, delivering 860g of TNT per shot. The barrel is around 4 meters in length, and takes up a lot of power with a firing rate of 16 bullets per second.
  • Heavy Railguns are very powerful weapons, wielded by large tanks for taking out fortifications and vehicles. They fire 10kg projectiles at 16km/s, delivering 305kg of TNT equivalent per shot, firing at rates of once per ten seconds. The barrel is around 17 meters in length.
  • Vehicle Flamethrowers are light weapons, spewing out around the same amount of flames as an infantry flamethrower.
  • Heavy Vehicle Flamethrowers are heavy weapons, spewing out massive amounts of fluorite onto the enemy in capsules which open up upon exiting the vehicle. This is combined with a gelling substance to react massively with the enemy, and setting it on fire.
  • Vehicle Missile Launchers are swarm missle weapons, with six barrels with 2kg TNT equivalent missiles.
Heavy Vehicle WeaponryEdit

Heavy vehicles have their own designated main weapons, designed for massive war machines unleashed by the Chyztrek on only the largest battlefields.

  • Plasma Destructors are immense plasma weapons, firing 100,000 degree kelvin salvoes of several tons of plasma using an electromagnetic accelerator. Their barrel is around 30 meters in length, and is immensely powerful.
  • Plasma Anhillators are even larger, firing near-million-degree kelvin salvoes of tens of tons of plasma. The barrel is 50 meters in length, only capable of being wielded by the largest heavy tanks and titans.
  • Mega-Sluggers are necessarily fifty autosluggers put on a single arm, except with a higher speed and weight (500g at 2.6km/s) due to the longer barrel. As such, it can fire at rates of around 1200 bullets per second, making it extremely effective against infantry. They are really only seen on titans, as the applicability of it on a tank is low.
  • Ultraheavy Railguns are extremely powerful, used by the largest titans and tanks. They fire 100kg projectiles at 20km/s, delivering half of a ton of TNT equivalent. This gun is around 60 meters in length, firing at rates of twice per second, decimating any structures or armies in its path.
  • Ultrasluggers are very powerful slugger cannons, firing 2-ton projectiles at 3.6km/s, delivering 3 tons of TNT equivalent. This fires once per 5 seconds, with a very large barrel 45 meters in length.
  • Ultraheavy Flamethrowers are massive flamethrowers capable of roasting vehicles and massive amounts of infantry. They are 40 meters in length.
  • Titan Hammers are titan close combat weapons, as a large hammer made of graphene and ceramics. They are each several thousand tons, with a cubical hammer 10 meters long.

Ship WeaponsEdit


Chyztrek defenses are highly sophisticated, made of pure ceramics and graphene for maximum anti-plasma and anti-projectile protection, with the exception of nanodiamond et cetera. They also have very powerful repulsor fields, but not sheets, which can protect them from massive kinetic bombardment.

Armor is usually arranged into layers, with safety defense mechanisms such as emergency shields and stimulants. Ships have very thick armor, making them bulky but very good at long battles.


Chyztrek vehicles are quite powerful, providing more than enough heavy support for the armies of  the God-Philosophers.

Vehicle ClassesEdit

  • Chyztrek APC's are small transport vehicles, which can hold ten to forty men.
    • Light APC's are each four meters long, and can carry up to 10 men. They are armed with two frontal heavy sluggers, although there are some firing points out of which soldiers being transported in can fire from.
    • Heavy APC's are seven meters long, and can carry up to 40 men. They are armed with two frontal autosluggers and two heavy sluggers in the back.
  • Drop Pods are an idea recently taken from the prothians, as they aid in Chyztrek tactics. These are large, hollow pods with rockets for slowing and stabilization, which can drop around twenty men into battle, or two battle walkers.
  • Battle Walkers are the run-of-the-mill vehicles, with a one-man crew and extremely heavy armor. They are two-legged walkers with heavy feet for a low center of balance, with two arms for accompanying weapons. They are each around 26 feet (8 meters) tall, around 3 times the height of a Chyztrek.
    • Scout-class Battle Walkers are the smallest battle walkers, at 23 feet in height. They are more accustomed to speed, being able to run at 25km/h even with the ceramic and graphene plating. They carry a flamethrower and chainsword on one arm, with a four-barreled heavy slugger on the other.
    • Assault-class Battle Walkers are accustomed to close combat, and are 25 feet in height. They have maximum running speeds of around 18km/h, able to charge into enemies with a high initiative. They carry a chainsword and flamethrower on either arm.
    • Destroyer-class Battle Walkers are accustomed to long-range combat, and are 28 feet in height. They have maximum running speeds of around 12km/h, making them a rather slow vehicle. They carry autosluggers on either arm, with light railguns on either shoulder. They also carry a number of missile launchers.
    • Terminator-class Battle Walkers are the largest and most powerful battle walkers, at 40 feet in height. They have maximum speeds of only around 7km/h, the slowest vehicle in the Chyztrek armory. They carry a chainsword and medium laser cannon on one arm, with a double-barreled light railgun on the other. It carries flamethrowers on its knee joints, and autocannons on the shoulders. They were created to accompany the Steel Legions.
  • Battle Tanks are average tanks, with a larger crew and very heavy armor. They have caterpillar tracks for swift movement. They usually are armed with a primary weapon, with sponson, turret, or other-method mounted weapons. They typically measure 65 feet (20 meters) long, and 30 feet (10 meters) tall.
    • Pathfinder-class Battle Tanks are the smallest of their kind, at 57 feet in length and 24 feet in height. Their main weapon is a single heavy laser cannon, able to spin 360 degrees on a turret on the top. It also carries two heavy flamethrowers mounted on sponsons on either side, with two frontal autosluggers and eight heavy sluggers on either side. Their maximum speed is around 35km/h.
    • Hordebane-class Battle Tanks are anti-infantry tanks, at 65 feet in length and 30 feet in height. They have only one main weapon, a double-barreled slugger obliterator, for protection against vehicles. However, its most important armnament are four heavy flamethrowers on either side, along with four frontal autosluggers, two frontal heavy flamethrowers, and ten heavy sluggers on either side.
    • Armorbane-class Battle Tanks are anti-armor tanks, at 73 feet in length and 32 feet in height. They have  a double-barreled heavy railgun main armnament, with two sponson-mounted heavy laser cannons. This also has two frontal slugger obliterators and four plasma cannons mounted on the sides.
  • Heavy Battle Tanks are very large battle tanks, with very high numbers of crew and immense structures with very hardened armor and shielding. They have one heavy-weapons class weapon and several large weapons, measuring at around 160 feet (50 meters) long and 65 feet (20 meters) tall.
    • Sprinter-class Heavy Battle Tanks are very small for heavy battle tanks, although can easily take down a normal battle tank.They are each 121 feet long and 43 feet tall, with a plasma destructor as a main weapon. They also carry two somewhat maneuverable double-barreled frontal heavy railguns, with ten side-mounted heavy flamethrowers, twelve side-mounted heavy laser cannons, six-side mounted heavy railguns, and several other heavy weapons. Their maximum speed is around 24km/h.
    • Purger-class Heavy Battle Tanks are average-sized, at 158 feet long and 62 meters tall. Their main weapon is an ultraheavy flamethrower with a plasma destructor, with six frontal heavy flamethrowers, and a long three-tier row of heavy sluggers with a tier of autosluggers in the middle, making literally an untouchable vehicle. Their maximum speed is around 16km/h.
    • Obliterator-class Heavy Battle Tanks are slightly larger, at 173 feet long and 71 feet tall. Their main weapon is an ultraheavy railgun, with a co-axial heavy laser cannon. It has several frontal railguns and heavy sluggers. On the sides, there are two double-barreled heavy railguns alongside quite a few light railguns as well.
  • Titans are extremely large walkers, with relatively less armor than battle walkers due to the strength problems, but still immensely powerful. They carry several weapons, with their arms having two heavier weapons. They can range from 100 feet (30 meters) tall to 700 feet (215 meters) tall. Their armor is pure graphene and ceramic materials, with very powerful repulsor shields powered by huge fusion reactors.
    • Vanguard-class Titans make up the smaller skirmishes of the titan legions, as well as scouting and aiding smaller detatchments of troops. They are each 100 feet tall, wielding a heavy railgun with co-axial heavy flamethrowers on either arm, with autosluggers, plasma cannons, heavy sluggers, and lower-class laser cannons most common on the vehicle's hull.
    • Paramount-class Titans make up the strong backbone of the titan legions, taking out large amounts of enemy troops. They are each 170 feet tall, wielding plasma destructors with co-axial heavy laser cannons on either arm. They have several weapons on their hull, including a few heavy railguns and heavy laser cannons, tens of light railguns and laser cannons, more than fifty heavy sluggers and autosluggers.
    • Eminence-class Titans are the elite titans, wielding massive weapons. They are each 350 feet tall, wielding a mega-slugger, plasma anhillator, ultraslugger, or ultraheavy flamethrower in one arm and a titan hammer in the other. Their carapace includes a few plasma destructors, several heavy railguns and lasers, and hundreds of other kinds of weapons.
    • Transcendent-class Titans are the largest titans, rarely seen on battlefields. They are each 700 feet tall, wielding a massive titan hammer in one arm (really only applicable for taking out structures or other titans) and either four ultraheavy railguns, ten mega-sluggers, a massive ultraheavy flamethrower, eight plasma anhillators, or another massive titan hammer in the other. Their body weaponry can include several mega-sluggers, plasma anhillators, and other ultraheavy weapons, as well as massive amounts of normal weapons.
  • Fighter Planes are the only planes remaining in use, with less armor and weapons but extremely fast. They make good strike teams, but fail to damage if remaining in the field.
    • Advance-class Fighter Planes are scouts and are the fastest. They are 8 meters long, with a two-man crew and good engines capable of bringing them to nearly Mach 6. They carry two autosluggers, one on each wing, and a medium laser cannon below the hull for anti-armor capabilities.
    • Strike-class Fighter Planes are the most common, and do the most battles. They are 13 meters long, with the same two-man crew and capabilities of Mach 3.  They carry two light railguns under either wing, two autosluggers on the hull, and two medium laser cannons on the hull bottom.
    • Crusher-class Fighter Planes are bombers, and are used in air raids and destroying large amounts of troops. They are 14 meters long, with a three-man crew (adding a brigadier). They carry a heavy slugger on either wing, as well as two bottom-mounted light laser cannons. However, most of their power comes from the variety of bombs that they drop, ranging from tiny carpeting bombs to massive nukes.


Ship ClassesEdit




Military DoctrineEdit

The Chyztrek Military is separated into five sections: the Army, Navy, the Armored Forces, the Steel Legions, and the Titan Legions.


The Army does most work, as the Steel Legions deploy concentrated but only in longer battles, and the Titan Legions are only used desperately. 


Enlisted are the most basic rank, not leading any soldiers or just small squads. They are by far the most common.

  • Private E-2's are the lowest rank, and are still in training. Due to this, they are only used as auxilliaries. They have no insignia and only wear cloth clothing due to the limitations of resources to create graphene and ceramic armor.
  • Private E-1's are the lowest operating rank, with only a simple line going down their pauldron. Their armor is basic light graphene and ceramic, like most soldiers. 
  • Privates First class are honored soldiers, who have operated for a few years in the army or navy. They have a cross on their pauldron.
  • Corporals have spent around six years in the army, and operate groups of nine other soldiers called squads. They have two lines going down their pauldron.
  • Sergeants have spent around ten years in the army, and operate groups of ten squads known as platoons. They have the lines going down their pauldron.
  • Sergeant Majors have spent around fourteen years in the army, and go into training to become officers after this.

Officers lead larger groups of soldiers, and either are from the educated classes or go through many years as a soldier.

  • Lieutenants are the basic officers, leading groups of ten platoons known as companies. They wear festive-looking cloth, with platinum pauldrons with a silver band going down it.
  • Captains are slightly experienced officers, leading groups of ten companies known as brigades. Their clothing's pauldron has two silver bands going down it.
  • Majors are experienced officers, leading groups of a hundred brigades known as a division. Their pauldron has a gold band going down it.
  • Colonels are very experienced officers, leading groups of a hundred divisions known as a low corps. Their pauldron has two gold bands.
  • Generals are some of the most experienced officers, leading groups of ten low corps known as high corps. Their pauldron has three gold stars arranged in a V pattern.
  • Marshals are tactical geniuses, leading groups of a hundred high corps known as armies. Their pauldrons are completely gold.
  • High Marshals are temporary ranks, given to Marshals if they are elected to be the commanding officer in a multi-army operation, such as The Doomsday War. In this case, their pauldrons have golden engravings and they have extremely complex clothing.

Chain of CommandEdit

  • Squad - 10 soldiers, led by a Corporal
  • Platoon - 10 squads (100 soldiers), led by a Sergeant
  • Company - 10 platoons (1,000 soldiers), led by a Lieutenant
  • Brigade - 10 companies (10,000 soldiers), led by a Captain
  • Division - 100 brigades (1 million soldiers), led by a Major
  • Low Corps - 100 divisions (100 million soldiers), led by a Colonel
  • High Corps - 10 Low corps (1 billion soldiers), led by a General
  • Army - 100 High Corps (100 billion soldiers), led by a Marshal

There are 5 Armies and a sixth one on a rapid recruitment list, about half full.


The Chyztrek Navy consists of space ships and other spacefaring vehicles.

Chain of CommandEdit

TBA upon creation of spaceships section.

Armored ForcesEdit

The Chyztrek armed forces consist of the tanks and other armored vehicle units.

Chain of CommandEdit

The chain of command for Chyztrek armored forces is different for the air force and that of tanks.

Air ForceEdit
  • Flight - 10 planes, led by a lieutenant of aviation
  • Escadrille - 10 Flights (100 planes), led by a senior lieutenant of aviation.
  • Squadron - 10 Escadrilles (1,000 planes), led by a captain of aviation.
  • Group - 10 squadrons (10,000 planes), led by a major of aviation.
  • Wing - 100 groups (1 million planes), led by a colonel of aviation.
  • Air Regiment - 10 Wings (10 million planes), led by a general of aviation.
  • Air Army - 1,000 Air Regiments (10 billion planes), led by a marshal of aviation

There are 7 known Air Armies, or 70 billion planes.


Tanks are 20% scout-class, 40% anti-personell-class, and 40% anti-armor.

  • Troop - 50 battle walkers, 25 tanks, 5 heavy tanks, led by an armored lieutenant.
  • Squadron - 5 troops (250 battle walkers, 125 tanks, 25 heavy tanks), led by an armored captain.
  • Group - 4 squadrons (1000 battle walkers, 500 tanks, 100 heavy tanks), led by an armored major.
  • Regiment - 100 groups (100,000 battle walkers, 50,000 tanks, 10,000 heavy tanks), led by an armored colonel.
  • Division - 100 regiments (10 million battle walkers, 5 million tanks, 1 million heavy tanks), led by an armored general.
  • Armored Army - 100 divisions (1 billion battle walkers, 500 million tanks, 100 million heavy tanks), led by an armored marshal.

There are 12 Armored Armies, or 12 billion battle walkers, 6 billion tanks, and 1.2 billion heavy tanks.

Elite LegionsEdit

The Elite Legions of the Chyztrek, or the Steel Legions, are a genetically modified strain of Chyztrek which can support far more armor, and have faster reflexes, speeds, and are all-round superior to the average Chyztrek. They may be low in number, but they are very powerful and wield deadly weaponry.


Increasing down the page:

  • Neophytes are the basic ranks, and are not put into battle as they are still in training. They wear good armor on their chests, upper legs, and shoulders in preparation for becoming an initiate and fighting in battles. They are used by some legions as auxilliaries, although they do not do well in direct combat. They carry a slugger, slugger pistol, and chainsword at all times.
  • Initiates are the rank-and-file of the Steel Legions, preforming pretty much any task. They wear very heavy armor, up to a foot thick in some places. This armor completely covers their body, made of graphene, and can even be fitted with repulsor shielding. Several markings are made on their body, such as their company number on their left shoulder, their legion symbol on the other, their legion name on their stomach, et cetera.
  • Corporals lead groups of nine initiates called squads, which are all of one class. They have gold-encrusted pauldrons, and a laurel on their chest. 
  • Sergeants lead groups of ten squads called a battallion, which typically preform deployments in this state, as they can easily handle enemies. A sergeant's uniform includes a white-colored helmet and golden wrists and ankles in accompaniment to a Corporal's armor.
  • Commanders lead groups of ten platoons called a company, which are not seen together often. Their armor is much like that of a sergeant, but they often carry relics or trophies which aid them in combat, such as an alien blade or gun, such as a rail-rifle, pieces of alien armor, such as nanodiamond plates, and have a more complex helmet with a red and purple plume ejecting from it.
  • Masters lead groups of ten companies called a Legion, which are rarely seen as one, and are only like that in the case of massive operations requiring more than ten thousand legionnaires. Their armor is completely customized. (Gallery soon to come?)
  • The High Master is the leader of all legions, as a side effect of the legionnaires' incorruptability and extreme loyalty requires them to report to a highest source, and even High Master follows orders from the God-Philosophers. The current High Master is named Chyrozek, and after nearly 50 years in the position, and 130 total years serving, he has complete nanodiamond armor and a retrieved Daa micromass cannon, gifted to him by Daa diplomats. 

Soldier ClassesEdit

There are several soldier classes in the Steel Legions, designed and tailored specifically for certain tasks.

  • Tactical Squads are marked by three thick lines extending halfway up onto their pauldron on their left pauldron. They carry a slugger, chainsword, and slugger pistol, and can change their slugger for a plasma rifle, missile launcher, or flamethrower, and can replace their slugger pistol with a plasma pistol or submachine slugger. They make up the majority of Legions.
  • Cleaver Squads are marked with the upper half of their left pauldron completely covered. They carry a great chainsword and slugger pistol, can change their great chainsword for two chainswords a flamethrower, or two plasma swords, and can change their slugger pistol to a plasma pistol. They do not make up much of a legion.
  • Disruptor squads have a circular marking taking up much of the space on their left pauldron. They carry, by default only, a slugger and slugger pistol, although at least half of the squad must be upgraded to carry heavy sluggers, slugger cannons, or plasma cannons. They are not common in legions and do most anti-vehicle work.
  • Destroyer squads make up the first company of a Legion, and have an inverse tactical squad symbol. Their armor is known as Destroyer armor, which limits movement, but the immense protection provided by this makes up for it. They also have powerful shields comparable to that of a normal captain. They usually carry a heavy slugger in one arm and plasma claw or great chainsword in the other, although they can replace their heavy bolter with a slugger cannon, plasma cannon, flamethrower, autoslugger, missile launcher, another plasma claw, or a light laser cannon or railgun, while their plasma claw can be replaced by any of the previous. 

Chain of CommandEdit

  • A squad consists of nine initiates and a leading corporal, and is always of one class.
  • A battallion consists of ninety initiates and ten corporals, with a leading sergeant and containing a command squad of five men in relic armor, which is not as bulky as destroyer armor, but provides around the same protection but does not have a shield, as well as a politician-officer known as a commissar. A battalion may consist of one class, but battle companies have battle battallions with six tactical squads, two cleaver squads, and two disruptor squads for maximum battle capabilities.
  • A company consists of a thousand legionnaires and ten sergeants with a leading commander, containing fifty relic armor-clad men and ten commissars. A company assembled has another five men in improved relic armor called a supreme command squad. Battle companies consist of sixty tactical squads, twenty cleaver squads, and twenty disruptor squads, although some companies are solely one class.
  • A Legion consists of ten thousand legionnaires, a hundred sergeants, ten commanders, is led by a Master, and contaning 550 relic armor-clad men and a hundred commisars. A legion's first company is a destroyer company, while the second through fifth companies are battle companies. The sixth, seventh, and eighth are reserve tactical companies, the ninth is a reserve cleaver squad company, and the tenth is a disruptor reserve company.

Notable LegionsEdit

  • The Legions of Flame, Water, Wind, and Stone - The four elemental Legions, which are the oldest and most elite. Their masters are Tychorzi, Merchirzryek, Choktzri, and Ntzochry respectively. Their symbols are rough renditions of their elements, and higher rankings may have renditions of their elements covering their armor completely.
  • The Purger Legion, along with more than a hundred other legions, were created in response to the Hydran threat. They make good examples of legions, as they are completely fresh, besides a couple of borrowed commanders turned to Masters. 
  • The Salvation Legion, along with another couple of legions, were created in a second founding, in response to another Uyrrii attack. The Salvation Legionnaires, known colloquially as the Salvators, were picked from an Army regiment on one of the planets hit the worst. These soldiers were awarded with many bravery medals and were upgraded to become a Steel Legion.

Titan LegionsEdit

Titan legions have no specific chain of command - they could range anywhere from twenty scouts to thousands of battle titans.

It is also notable that there is no personell in this sector, as it is controlled by a massive AI, Dominus Titanicus. This allows for precise maneuvering.



Space TravelEdit

The Trade WarEdit

Relations With Other RacesEdit



Lentaa, Ranaptors, etcEdit


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