Chupans are a race of war-loving sapients from the planet Draculon.



Yellow quadrupeds, Chupans spend much time crawling on all fours. They can stand upright, however. Their backs and necks have green fins, as do their arms. This hints at an aquatic ancestry.


Chupans continue to grow throughout their lives; by the age of 20, they are usually six feet long; by the age of 80, they can be 24 feet in length, and almost as tall. Due to their constant wars and the frequent plagues on their planet, few live to be this age.


Chupans are sanguivorous beasts, feeding on the blood of larger animals while they sleep. Since the extinction of most of Draculon's large animals, many consume blood farmed from smaller animals.


The Chupans evolved sapience around a million years ago. They are currently divided into almost a hundred different nations, all of which are at war with one another. These nations sometimes form brief alliances with each other, which normally end in treachery.

The current state of war has lasted for three hundred years so far.


Aggressive by nature, the Chupans have a culture centered around blood. For example, every year they celebrate at the Feast of Blood, when thousands of animals are slaughtered and the individuals bathe in their blood.


Each Chupan nation is led by a Warlord, who reigns for life. If he is killed, he is replaced by his killer, even if he was assasinated. If he dies naturally, a civil war ensues.


Chupan War

A battle on Draculon

The Chupans have a somewhat primitive technology; their most advanced creation is the steam engine. In fact, many of their machines run on steam engines. Airships filled with hydrogen gas are the most common types of transportation. In battle, the Chupans use tank-like vehicles that fire iron projectiles over great distances. They also use primitive airplanes.

Infantry units commonly attatch semi-automatic machine guns to their arms.

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