Chorrey is a medium-sized, black berry consumed by the Cybertooth race. It is often used to make a drink known as chay.


Chorrey grows on a small, temperate bush native to southern regions of Carnia. The berry itself is around the size of a large grape, and is black in color with brown flesh.

Life cycleEdit

The average lifespan of a chorrey plant is nine years. It blooms once every few months starting at the age of nine months.

As foodEdit

The Cybertooth race uses chorrey berries as food. It has a rather chocolate-like taste, and is slightly sweet and bitter. The berries can be consumed by themselves, but are more often used to make a tea-like drink, known as chay. The smell and taste of chay is said to be rich and soothing.

Since it grows quickly, and lives in temperate climates, chorrey is often grown on Cybertooth colony worlds and spaceships.

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