The Chereen are a space-faring civilazation of lemur-like creatures. They are native to the Lucifer Galaxy.


Chereen are biologically similar to lemurs, albiet larger and more intelligent. They stand at about 5 feet tall. They have large pointed ears. They have no tear glands or eyelids, so they use their long tongues to moisturize them.

These creatures have two sets of jaws, the first and larger one grabs its prey, and the second one drags it down its throat. Their fur changes color to blend in with its enviroment to a small degree.


The Chereen are at Technological Class VIII. Their spaceships are built for speed, rather than fighting. These have a standard rocket appearance, with huge fuel tanks.

Relations With Other SapientsEdit

Kerarans: The Chereen have been running from planet to planet from the Kerarans for centuries, and are trying to find a breakthrough to fight back.

(now hold your geckasaurs! gimme a day and i will finish them up!!

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