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The Chem'nadar are an advanced race who originated from their home planet Anadaar. The Chem'nadar are highly advanced, winged humanoids.

They are related to the Hei'len, who are their natural enemies. Their race have powerful electromagnetic field implants. and expanded to many systems and are the founding members of the Eve Coalition of Nations over the fear of many native species threatened by the Hei'len Empire.


They are a bipedal species that strongly resemble humans but with a unique natural lifestyle from their past genetic augmentations and natural mutation. Their wings are designed to lift their body weights, instead of having hollow bones for air surpport but not by natural evolution only by advanced bio-engineered technology, which also enhanced their speed, strength and agility during many conflicts with the Wraith.

A Chem'nadar's lifespan would be 1300 years or more by the development of their technology, due to the fact that they stop aging by 25 years after birth using nanotechnology to extend the life of their cells. However, they can easily recognise eachother's age by their personality and years of experience. When many described mostly of the females' shapely forms and beauty that would be the envy many females.


All Chem'nadar start out without wings, when they would reach the age of 17 and nearing their adult age, they would be encased in a chrysalis, a crystalline hard layer of skin that protects the being inside the cocoon from outside harm. The body inside enters a hypernative sleep for a period of three months, and once the transformation they would emerge with their new wings to break out of the protective shell as fully grown adults.


Their society is closely similiar to Earth European, though they build many cities and temples on some parts of their homeworld while creating hightech cities to monitor their territory for pirates, raiders or hostile forces such as the Wraith or the Hei'len. Their society is based on democracy, religion and monarch state. Show no hostility to other races and open peaceful relations with other governments.


The Chem'nadar have many gods by their roles and status, their strongest belief is that each surpeme god or deity that civilizations worship as thir creator are one and the same but different by one's point of view. Many pray to the Goddess Gaia, one of their highest deities who created led them to the planet live in prosperity, naming their homeworld after.

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