Up to 10m long




Titan Crater


Medium non-sapient

Charcharocks are aquatic predators native to the Titan Crater of Dragovia.


At first glance, these creatures are very different from the Dragovian norm. Their tail has developed fins, their neck has seemingly disappeared, and their wings have fused with their front arms. They have the characteristic great strength of their relatives, however, allowing them to reach 40km/h underwater.

They grow up to 10m long, and their finspan can be 5m. They mass up to 700kg, with the males and females of equal weight, but their large lungs help them become buoyant and last many hours underwater. They actually have swollen kidneys which store large quantities of air, as well.

This is the result of millions of years of evolution within the Crater. To protect against seagoing parasites and larger predators, such as the Seaslayer, the Characharock has developed a carbonate armour which hides its neck and body from attack. This also covers their many spines.


Whenever two groups of Charcharocks meet, the leading males from each pair mate with the females of the other group. The females then store this sperm until birthing season (if they get no sperm, they do not reproduce).

Up to five live young are born, only 60cm long. They are guided to the surface for air by their mother, who looks after them until maturity. The young who survive the eight years until maturity then all leave the pack to form a new one, unless fewer than four are born.


Carnivores, the Charcharocks can take down prey far larger than themselves due to their pack hunting.

Interestingly, they also eat carbonate rocks. This supplies vital ions as well as enabling them to build their 'armour'.


Charcharocks are pack hunters, working together to trap and harry larger prey.

They can determine the best prey to attack and divide the labour between differently experience and endowed pack members.

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