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A Cephalid

The Cephalids are a race of cybernetic sapients in the Adamant Galaxy. Although once totally organic, they became cyborgs during the Julth War. They are Technological Class XII.



Cephalids resemble large, mechanical nautiluses, with conch-like shells and a few trailing tentacles. Four photosensitive "eyes" allow the being to navigate through its surroundings. The beings are usually painted blue, although certain individuals may be other colors, depending on rank.

Cephalids are twenty feet tall.
Cephalid forms

Three types of Cephalid


An anti-gravity device inside each Cephalid keeps them in the air. Weaponry consists of built-in laser beams, and sometimes missiles. The most high-ranking are equipped with interdimensional transportation devices. The hull also has a nutrient supply to keep the brain within healthy.


Within the hull of every Cephalid is an organic brain, hooked up to wires. This is the only part of the beings that is not mechanical.


The Cephalids are sapient, although they are what most races would consider "insane"; they are filled with fear and hatred towards other races. These creatures exist in a militaristic hiarchy, in a social system much like a pyramid. On the bottom of this social pyramid are the laborers, those who do manual work. This is the most common caste of Cephalids. On the top of this metaphorical pyramid is a single ruler, called the Tyrant Lord.
Cephalid ship

A Cephalid ship and accompanying Cephalids


The technology of the Cephalids is highly advanced. Their ships have Ultradrives. These ships carry heavy weaponry onboard, mainly energy weapons capable of ripping through ships and battlestations with the same destructive force.


Centuries ago, the Cephalids were a totally organic race. At this time in their history, they were allied with the
Flatwoods Monster

Cephalids in their prior, completely organic form

Veiled Ones. However, during the Julth War, their homeworld was one of the first targets of the marauding Julth. In a matter of days, their star had been consumed, and they were forced to find a new home. In order to survive, a Cephalid doctor began to remove the brains of his patients and place them in crude machines; the first modern Cephalids. He built enough of them to seize control of the species government, and finally converted himself as well. They managed to hold off the Julth through most of the war, although in the end, it was the actions of Hectocapitus that changed the war.

Since then, the Cephalids have been a cruel, conquering race, intent on the extermination of all other sapient beings.

However, in 4,000,003, the Cephalid empire was attacked by the Verplaatsen. Despite the strength of their spacecraft, they were unable to hold them off, and almost all of them were completely destroyed. Their homeplanet was cut to pieces, and only around ten ships
Squid of Steel

Cephalids exterminating an alien race

managed to escape in the chaos.

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