Celronden height

An image of the heights of Celron'den's landscape

Celron'den is the first world in the Celron'ti System, and is home to the sapient Celron

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Celron'den is a small terrestrial world, with about .8 earth masses.


Celron'den has a planetary radius of approximately 5500 kilometers, giving it a density of around 6 g/cm^3. Its high density is due to a very large metal core.


A silicate planet, Celron'den is rather dense. Its core and main magma layers are made of iron and titanium, while its crust is made of heavy minerals and other silicates. It also has a high concentration of uranium, aluminum, magnesium, and sulfur.

The atmosphere of Celron'den is mainly oxygen, at 45%, followed by argon, at 20%, then carbon dioxide, at 15%, nitrogen at 12%, water vapor 1%, and several trace elements taking up the remaining 7%. It is not heavily polluted now that there are several atmospheric clearance systems present.


Celron'den takes around 244 days to orbit its class K orange dwarf star, and takes 32 hours to orbit on its axis.

Moons and RingsEdit

Celron'den has one pair of close rings, around 70,000 kilometers away from the planet. This appears prominently in the day's sky. A moon, around 1/10th of its mass, orbits at 300,000 kilometers, and is prominent in the night sky.


Celron'den's surface is around 60% water, and is separated into many lakes and oceans. The majority of the surface is covered in huge jungles. It has four continents, the largest Celran'sol, the second Reldon'sol, and two off of Reldon called Reldon'sol'mai and Reldon'sol'mon. The water between the west of Reldon and the east of Celran is named Onr'ess, and the other is named the Veret'ess.


Life is abundant on Celron'den, although the only sapient species is the Celron.

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