One of the photo's of Castus.

C'mon! I never met a Julth before!

- Castus, talking to Nocturn

Castus is a Interdimensional entity, often appearing as a blue ball of light.

He appears in many species' mythology, often as a guardian or healer. He sometimes has been heard saying things like "Silly ol' Rothy." It is unkown who "Rothy" is.

He is believed to be a boltzmann entity, although this has never been confirmed. He is the leader and founder of The Order along with Nocturn his lieutennant. He was revealed to be a Boltzzman with a mental disorder, as Castus and Corus were the same entity.

His mental state is the result of "grafting" favorable brain setups. In short, He is a patchwork Boltzmann.


Castus displays space and time warping abilities, able to travel through time, and between universes. This makes it hard to track his history, as certain things may have happened and certain things might not have happened.

His space warping powers also give him the ability to teleport by swapping places with a piece of matter. Sometimes this causes extraterrestrial technology to be found in random places. He has been seen using lightning bolts as a weapon.

"Normal" weapons cannot kill him. Something known as spatial ripping has been observed, which essentially removes something from the universe. This leaves him drained and is very dangerous, due to misfire could remove himself, or cause horrible damage to planets. He has been seen shapeshifting on multiple occasions, although not truly. Instead he alters the perception of the beings observing him.


Castus has been portrayed as benevolent. He has assissted The Vision on several occasions. He often acts as a regulator of interuniversal travel, which works to a certain extent. Many times he has averted massive wars between species, the Julth war being an example of a failure.

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