The Carnian Sea is the term refering oceans and seas of Carnia. Once buzzing with life, life now only survives around hydrothermal vents.

Life: Past and PresentEdit

The Carnian Sea was once full of life. Sharks, "whales", aliens, algae, reefs, marine reptiles and worms, you name it. But the Cybertooth race destroyed most of it, and the only life lives around the hydrothermal vents, thousands of feet down. The extant creatures are:

Bacteria and archea.


Tube worms.


A species of small shark that feeds on the crustaceans, known as Galeolazarus. Resembles an epaulette shark, but is a black color with dark blue spots. Is 1 meter long.

A 1.5 meter long alien predator that resembles a cross between a hagfish and a bobbit worm.

Everything else has been wiped out.

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