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Carakos is a small planet, around half the size of Earth, located in the Drogorn Galaxy, in the Undrishuar universe. It has been colonized by the Arlekt and Mokele Cyberteeth, and several cities have been built there.


The atmosphere of Carakos is breathable, with 25% oxygen, 74.5% nitrogen, and .5% other gases.

The planet is relatively temperate, with an average surface temperature of 20 C.


Unlike other inhabited planets, only about 45% of Carakos is covered in water. Because of this, travelling between continents can usually be done on foot, and this means that the planet's species are relatively widespread throughout the planet, with a few exceptions.

Four main continents exist on the planet, Pregidos, Boundari, Nortu and Northern Des. Two main seas exist, named the Saline Sea and the Southern Carakos Sea. The former one, despite its name, is not much saltier than Earth's oceans.


The native life on Carakos is rather primitive, due to the relatively young age of the planet. As such, the only native lifeforms are microbes, algae and primitive cnidarian-like invertebrates.

However, interdimensional rifts are somewhat common here. This means that species have been introduced here from other planets, and on rare occasions even other universes.

The Cyberteeth and Arlekt have also bioenginnered several species.


  • Carnager: Entered Carakos through an interdimensional rift from Dinoterra. As feral dicers were already on the planet, they did not starve to death. The small population present was later genetically engineered into a domestic form.
  • Dicer: The most common Arlekt livestock. Several feral herds exist.


  • Fidelisaur: The domesticated, biomechanical carnager.

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