Carakam is the current leader of the Arlekt. Born on Rakosa, he currently resides on Carakos.


Carakam was born on Rakosa during 3.999(.945) AM. During adolescence, he studied politics, and at the age of 54, after the death of the previous leader Darakos, he became the leader of the Arlekt, a title which he still holds today. At 4.000(.001) AM, he helped the Arlekt become allies with the Mokele Cyberteeth.


Carakam is a typical Arlekt, at 7 meters long, with dark gray skin, a back covered in scutes, and an artificial exoskeleton made of kevlar, graphene, and various other strong materials. To distinguish himself as the current leader, he has four artificial horns implanted at the back of his skull, making himself resemble a dragon.


Carakam is stern and pedantic, but also charismatic. He is polite towards those he trusts, but is very harsh and unforgiving towards those he doesn't.

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