2 feet tall, floats to around 6 feet



Technological Class:




The Calamites are a race of sapient, telekinetic plants native to the Lacus universe. They were one of the first alien races discovered by the Shellious.



Calamites are large, green clumps, which float at around 6 feet. There are different races of this species, which can be differentiated by their texture. The most common race has a somewhat smooth texture, except for grooves around the top of the body.


The Calamite brain is quite different from that of most species. Instead of a compact cluster of neurons, the Calamite brain is a thin membrane. Within this membrane there are a large number of interconnected tubes, which transport chemicals and electric signals throughout the brain.

While most species exclusively use electric signals to think and control the body, the Calamites use electricity for thinking, and complex organic chemicals for controling the body, as well as telekinesis.


Like the Shellious, the Calamites can tap into the energy of Lacus, and use it to control their enviroment. This is how they move themselves about, and float. The strength of an individual Calamites telekinesis depends entirely on willpower. The weak-minded are barely able to move themselves, and those with a huge degree of willpower and determination are capable of moving mountains.

This power does not function outside of Lacus.


The Calamites are sapient, and have a sophisticated culture that has developed over millions of years.


Calamites are peaceful in general; they are highly empathatic, and can intimately sense the suffering of other beings, and abhore it greatly. Thus, they have had hardly any wars on their homeworld. When disagreements arose, they were almost always solved by logical analysis from a neutral party.

Ettiquette is highly important to the Calamites, and they are angered when other races do not follow their myriad rules. There are an estimated 2400 conventions of ettiquette in Calamite culture.


Calamites are telepathic, and thus do not have a standart language. Instead, they communicate mind to mind. Lying is impossible, and thus there are no politicians or lawers amongst the Calamites.


With a crime rate of zero and no warfare whatsoever, and with each Calamite for the most part solving its own problems, goverment is not at all necessary for them.


Although they do not have particularly advanced technology, Calamites are capable of using vehicles such as starships. Large groups of strong-willed Calamites control the ship with telekinesis.

They have colonized around 300 worlds at this point.



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