Broons are sapient trees native to the Folia universe. They orginated on the planet Angios.


Broons are much like other trees. They use their roots to navigate, and their branches to grasp tools and weapons.


They are photosynthetic, and receive their food from solar energy.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

Broons are very sensitive, they seem to sense even the entropy in existence. They are slightly telepathic.

They are naturally peaceful beings, and have waged few wars during their history.


Broons cannot speak. Instead, they use vibrations to communicate with each other. However, technology has been created that translates these vibrations into audible words (and vice versa for the Broons), as to aid communication with other sapients.


Many Broons are religious, and there are several sects led by clergy. They believe in a being called the Holy Leaf.


Broons have relatively advanced technology, with near-FTL speed starships common. Most weapons are not fatal, but stun an attacker instead.

Relations with other racesEdit


The Broons are good friends of the Calamites.

In FictionEdit

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