The Bookkeepers are a nomadic, bibliomaniac Ebaeko society. The various factions travel across the galaxy in their never-ending quest for alien literature, doing all sorts of commerce and services they can in exchange for it. Even though literature is the only form of art which the healthy Ebaeko brain is capable of understanding and appreciating, the Bookkeepers are still viewed as lunatics by their kind; since Ebaeko culture condemns the appreciation of fiction.

The Bookkeepers were founded by a group of female Ebaekos and today membership is still denied to those of different gender or species. But their existence has inspired others to come. The Bibliophiles are a similar affiliation which allows members from any race and gender, although the majority consists of Ebaeko males. The Shanalatyha are the Gyddai equivalent of the Bookkeepers, and although not reprehended by their art-loving government; are often jokingly referred to by others as "The Bookworms" due to the insectoid appearance of their species

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