Bonebreakers are reptiles native to Thanatos. They never touch the ground, and spend their entire lives up in trees. They are very small, at only 40 centimeters long.


Bonebreakers live in the high tree canopies of Thanatos, never touching the ground. Since the trees reach up into the clouds, bonebreakers have highly efficient respiratory systems to cope with low oxygen levels.


Bonebreakers look almost exactly like bipedal iguanas, but they have much longer limbs to jump from branch to branch, and sharp teeth to break bones and exoskeletons, hence the name. They are green in color to blend in with the leaves.


Bonebreakers feed on omnishrimp, as well as on small vertebrates that live within the trees.


Bonebreakers live for around 20 years, with a sexual maturity of 5 years. Males court females by changing the color of their throat to make it as red as possible. The one with the reddest throat gets the girl. Females lay their eggs in nests made from branches. The eggs take 3 weeks to hatch, and the mother takes care of them for 3 years.

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