Bloodstorm is a Vrah assassin currently located on the planet Yeseg. He has successfully carried out several missions for various crimelords.


Bloodstorm is an average Vrah, except that he is shorter than others of his race.


He is generally an honorable individual; he tries to avoid the killing of women and children. However, he has been known to kill those who surrender to him.


As a child, Bloodstorm was frequently teased by taller children. However, when he became of age he began extensive training with the Vampron Sniper Rifle, becoming a master of it's application. After moving to Yeseg, he became a bounty hunter/assassin.

During the course of one of his missions, Bloodstorm gained a Shock Rifle from the Zyrothan government.

On another mission, he met a male Skarg who has since followed him about on all of his missions. He also travels with a male Gaedrongo named Zemocy.

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