The Bloff is a small, furry creature native to Eagle Island, on Saaristo.


The Bloff is furry, ball-shaped bundle. It has no way of movement. The fur is used as insulation.


Bloffs are inaminate creatures. They can change colour, their only defence against predators.

Their reproduction is similar to plants. When they are ready to produce offspring, they 'grow' 'seeds' on the ends of some of their furs. This furs are eventually plucked from the body by the wind, to settle elsewhere and grow into more Bloffs. More furs grow in their place.


They suck moisture from the ground (snow) beneath them, and convert it into energy, meaning they have a constant supply of food despite the fact they cannot move.


They live on the snowy areas of Eagle Island. It has been remarked on by Sagax that the survival of a species such as the the Bloff is extremely unlikely; yet there is evidence of the existence of Bloffs dating back thousands, millions of years.

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