Black Gliders logo

The Glider's logo.

The Black Gliders are an Irkaputh mercenary group, specialised for stealth. They can do many other things, though, such as distractions, guarding and scouting. Those that use them for these other purposes often hire other mercenaries, too, such as those from the Iron Skulls. Due to their small size, they don't need much pay, and are therefore extremely cheap.


The Black Gliders will use many different types of technology to complete their missions. They will use Winglets for means of locomotion, which consist of a wing cover (to protect the wings during flight), a shell (for protection of the body), a screen (to keep wing out of the Irkaputh's mouth and eyes during flight), and the propulsion system (varies, although only the most skilled use rockets at any time). In certain conditions, they will take specially-trained brilla or sgarpo, although this is rare.

Irkapuths mainly use sniping weaponry, as they are too small for things such as shotguns and machine guns. Their extremely good eyesight means that they can use very small lasers (also designed by Irkapuths) to mark their target. They will often take a very small hologram as well so that they can quickly check on their target's vital areas and decide where the best place to hit is. They may drop grenades from Winglets, too, or use a flamethrower or smoke bomb to cause confusion. Their natural chemical weaponry also helps if the mission doesn't go to plan, and their bite can break an Urahob's finger.

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