Bitkcirtl are the herbivorous order of the Basnal class of Vorician tetracrurians.


Tetracrurians, Bitkcirtl have four legs. They have far lower encephalization quotients than Etcirtl, but still are moderately intelligent. They rely on their scent of smell to find leaves and water. Bitkcirtl rely mainly on their herbivorous assets to survive, as plant species are dying out in response to desertification.

Bitkcirtl are both herbivorous and hydrovorous. For this, they have a long mouth to take in large amounts of water. Their mouts have many flat teeth, designed to grind up plant matter. Some forms are almost completely reliant on being a hydrovore, but cannot adapt to completely being that way. Water and plant matter are digested in the same stomach, allowing for quicker liquidation. They then go to an intestine formation, where the nutrients are absorbed. Waste is removed in quite a variety of ways.

They are far less intelligent than most forms of carnivorous Basnal, with an EQ of 1.27 on average. Their brain density is .61 times that of a human, and their nerve connections are more scarce.

Their four-chambered heart is supplied by two lungs, nearly touching. They surround the heart and are supplied by spiracles on their sides. All blood is oxygenated there.


Bitkcirtl are intelligent compared to lesser species of Voricia, and usually live in large herds. These are mainly just large groups of Basnal, held together just by raw instinct. They are commonly hunted by Alliyvan and Etcirtl, which are advanced predators.

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