Birnec fill the myriacrurian niche of the Vorician biosphere.


Myriacrurians, Birnec have more than six limbs. They are the most common form of life on Voricia, making billions of different varieties. Their legs are usually segmented, along with their bodies. They most commonly have only an exoskeleton, ranging from a few hundred micrometers of keratin to an inch or two of natural plating.

They occasionally have eyes, particularily the pest varieties. However, all off them have sensors on their feet to feel their location. This also allows them to map out their location. Some also have tasters on their feet to test the edibility of soil and decomposing matter. They can sense slight vibrations instead of actual hearing.

Birnec are classified as decomposers because they usually eat decomposing matter, particularily flesh matter. In the case that they are starving with no food around, they can eat sand in order to survive. In this way they are lithotrophic. They have two stomachs to completely liquidize sand for its mineral nutrition, and absorb nutrients in a sort of intestine system.

They usually have a small brain, relying on only primary functions. This brain leads several different nerve weaves throughout the body, mainly to their legs. Their legs, when segmented, have 3-5 segments. This gives them quite a variety, and very different walking cycles.


There are several varieties of Birnec, but they are seperated into two different groups.

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