A Bewk, showing the iris-less eyes and the long fingers.

Bewk are large, carnivorous sapients native to Dek in the Viperius Galaxy. They attempted to hide from communication with other space-faring sapients (in an event known as the Hiding) until they were ready, using a short burst of FTL to escape if a race happened to stumble across one of their ships. This was due to having a probe land in a war-zone. These first impressions made them decide they'd hide from contact until they had a suitable military, defence and FTL drive. First contact was made recently, as they had decided they were ready and stopped hiding their radio shell.

Physical featuresEdit

Bewk are large carnivorous animals, descended from a tree-dwelling ancestor. Their heads are a glorified sensory stalk with a mouth attached, as their actual brain is located within the base of the neck. They are large, and bulky, weighing around 1.75 tons. They have long, spindly fingers with a large spike below. Their limbs are powerful, although a bit skinnier than one might expect. They have a nostril on their lower jaw, and large teeth. The main visible teeth are the numerous canines, which are long and sharp. Hidden inside the cheeck are rows of spiked razor-like teeth on the upper jaw and a flatter single razor on the lower. They have three ears, with one at the top and two on either side of that. Their tails are long, with a bony club on the end. The club is for inter-species matters, and hitting each other with it is not in any way portrayed as violent. This may cause misunderstandings between species.


Bewk have independently developed a FTL-drive that can cross stellar distances in hours, as well as an emergency burst that can take ships to a safer area much more quickly than the average drive. Their shields are powerful and use both material strength, magnetic fields and more advanced armour reverse-engineered from other ships. They have very powerful kinetic guns, a grand total of 0 ray guns, and AI at the intelligence of a 10-year-old (although there is a taboo against intelligence at or over a Bewk's intelligence). Their strong point, though, is the technology created to avoid detection, developed during the Hiding.

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