Bellowyets are usually large herbivores native to Prall. Their bodies contain both animal and fungal cells, and the creatures can switch between two different niches depending on the season.

Dry SeasonEdit

During the dry, hot periods of the continent, Bellowyet assume their animalian form; large, hexapodal mammalians with twisted horns and pseudo-equine faces. They travel in large herds lead by a "patriarch" (though Bellowyets, at this stage, are genderless.)

During this stage, Maera sometimes hunt them, as do the ever-present Necrodactyls.

Wet SeasonEdit

Once the rains begin to fall, the Bellowyet herds will "di", providing food for fungal cells contained in an organ within the torso. The fungal form resembles a large brown "T", which harvests nutrients from the soil, all the while growing quite large. One fungal Bellowyet grew to be 4 meters tall; 2 meters is more common. Reproduction takes place at this stage, as spores are released into the atmosphere.

Once the rains cease, the Bellowyets metamorphosize into their animalian forms.

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