Beira Neros







Beira Neros is the new commanding general of the Salsenes on Scarab during the Xenopteran War.


Neros is a mildly attractive Salsene woman, standing about five feet tall. She has purple eyes, considered slightly unusual for a Salsene. She wears a long cloak.


Neros is slightly insane, often setting into action plans that seem absolutely mad to her inferior officers. However, these unconventional plans often seem to work, and thus she is well-respected by her troops.


At the age of six, Neros was the only survivor of a Flesh Thief attack on a colony world. She still bears the psychological scars from this event.

When she was a thirteen-year old girl, she went into crime, stealing all manner of items from the citizenry of Centro. However, just when she was about to be killed by a Skarg she had pickpocketed, a kind, elderly Salsene adopted her, and raised her to realize her full potential.

When Beira Neros came of age, she joined the Salsene Grand Fleet, soon proving her worth in a battle against the Kerarans. She flew through the ranks, until she became the chief commanding officer of all Salsenes stationed on Scarab.

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