The Battle of Nirann
Part of The Doomsday War
Date 4.000(.023) AM
Location In and around the Nirann system
Result Major Daa Victory
Daa Hydrans
Dread Vice Admiral Ruuvis Muul Hydran Collective Mind
7 Venerable Daa Megaships
500,000 Daa ships
12 Hydran Deathships
1.9 million Hydran ships
252 Daa ships Nearly all forces

The Battle over Nirann was the first major battle in The Doomsday War which involved the Daa. It was a major Daa victory, as their technology is far superior, as well as the massive Megaships' size and Venerable status.


The Daa, led by a Dread Vice Admiral, Ruuvis Muul, had 7 Venerable Megaships and 500,000 other ships. Megaships are massive constructs, reaching 150km in length, with extremely potent weaponry perfect for taking out Hydran ships. As Daa ships are all much larger than even Hydran dreadnoughts, this made the fleet the obvious victor.

The Hydrans had 12 Deathships, which did most of the damage with their massive lasers. The other 1.6 million ships seemed much like cannon fodder to the Dread Vice Admiral, who was suprised to see their destructive power. However, their inferior strength prevented them from winning.

The BattleEdit

Prelimenary to advancing, Daa fleets always send out Inquiry Drones to all star systems in their path. The Daa discovered a splinter fleet of the Hydran invasion infesting the Jogorian outpost world of Nirann, and quickly sent one of the Dread Admiral's Vice Admirals to the system to test out the Hydran firepower. The fleet immediately exited ultradrive upon arriving and immediately fired upon the hydrans.

With the shock of suddenly taking heavy casualties in the middle of their fleet, the Hydrans were in panic. As soon as they could reorganize, the Daa fleet would reappear somewhere else and fire on them. The Daa fleet broke apart to cause even more panic, and tens of thousands of enemy vessels were destroyed in the few minutes that the Daa fleet was harassing the Hydrans.

Eventually, the Hydrans managed to hold their ground and their deathships began to attack the splinters, inflicting minor casualties. However, the Daa fleet reformed and began to sweep through the enemy ranks, with most of their ships already down. 

The remaining hydran ships retreated before the Daa could chase them, however.

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