Battle over Hardak IV
Part of The Jaonu War
Date 4.000(.020) AM
Location In the Hardak system
Result Major Jogorian victory
Daa, Jogorians, Hambaans Cyberteeth
Captain Ruushur Suud, High Admiral of the Federation Yugar'Ohla General Jaw-smasher†
1000 Daa ships, 46,000 Jogorian ships, 15 million Jogorian marines, 200,000 Hambaan soldiers 200,000 Cybertooth ships, 40 million Cybertooth soldiers
10 Daa ships, 3,200 Jogorian ships, 114,000 Jogorian marines, 40,000 Hambaan soldiers 198,800 Cybertooth ships, 39 million Cybertooth soldiers
Due to this battle, the class V Hambaans were dragged into the Jaonu War, an intergalactic conflict.
The Battle over Hardak IV was a large-scale battle with the Daa, Jogorians, and Hambaans against massive numbers of Cyberteeth, in the Hardak System of the Viperius Galaxy.

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