Mt. Kachina
The Battle of Kachina was a large-scale battle in the Xenopteran War. The battle lasted two days, and ended in decisive Xenopteran victory. In this battle, the Xenopterans revealed that they had a huge abundance of Allied technology.


The Salsene and Zyrothan armies, under the command of Onra Galfen, had been winning the war. Superior technology was being used subdue the native armies. After winning several battles and many skirmishes, Galfen gave the order to assault a major Xenopteran Hive located at Mt. Kachina.


The battle was fought between just over 3000 Salsene soldiers, 2500 Zyrothan soldiers, and 2000 Vrah and Skarg mercenaries. They fought over 9700 soldier-caste Xenopterans.


Mt. Kachina is a large mountain, surrounded on all sides by thick jungle. The Xenopterans set up many spring-activated traps and landmines in the surrounding forest.


First DayEdit

On the first day of the battle, the Allied forces fought their way closer and closer to the mountain. After losing only 956 soldiers, they set up camp at the bottom of the mountain. Guards were set all night, to prevent a nocturnal assault.

Second DayEdit

Around midnight, the Xenopterans launched their attack. About 30 captured Scorpion Assault Ships flew overhead, bombarding the Allies in their sleep. Massive casulties ensued. Retreating survivors were pelted with incendiary bombs, which ignited the forest around them and killed almost every single Allied soldier. The inhabitants of Mt. Kachina survived by burrowing deeper underground.


After this battle, Onra Galfen declared that the Xenopterans were no longer to be considered technologicly inferior. Before, the Xenopterans had very few advanced weapons. But now, it was shown that they had much more of it than had been previously thought.

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