Koni, The Nareeron Homeworld

The Battle of Koni
Part of The Nareeron First Contact
Date 4.000(.006) AM
Location Koni
Result Drazan and Vordari Victory
Casus belli Drazan and Vordari
Nareeron Drazan and Vordari
Ziama Meni X'Hini and Sh'Omen
1 Billion Soldiers 2 Million Soldiers
4 Billion (3,500,000,000 Civilians) 2 Million
The Nareeron later joined with the Drazan and Vordari in the Allied Systems out of fear, but they later got over this mistake due to first contact, as the Drazan invented translators and agreed to share their technology.
The Battle of Koni is the battle that decided the outcome of the Nareeron First Contact, a two year war.

The ReasonEdit

The reason behind this attack was because the Nareeron were rapidly expanding their empire. They proceed to stop when they stumbled upon a Vordari planet as they fought back. As they arrived shooting and conolising, the Drazan struck at their homeworld, completely conquering it.

The PlanEdit

The Drazan had planned to fire a 400 Megaton nuclear bomb at the capital city of Koni to make the Nareeron surrender. This plan eventually succeeded, though over 4 Billion civilians and soldiers died.

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