The Battle of Harrah-Kishar was a major battle fought between the High Andavronian Empire and the New Andavronian Republic. It was the first battle were a Andavron Peacemaker was destroyed.


The NAR was losing the war but never used it's full force to attack. The HAE failed to discover that the NAR kept most of their troops on standby and used them to attack the Andavron Peacemaker Harrah-Kishar.


The space around Harrah-Kishar.


First dayEdit

The HAE was taken of guard as the NAR attacked after luring a portion of the defenders away by attacking a settlement in another solar system. Harrah-Kishar's defences were already raised due to the enemy being so close but infiltrators sabotaged the core causing a chain reaction in the system making several key systems explode and malfunction. At this time the NAR attacked in great force, Harrah-Kishar was unable to send out a distress signal after the communications failed to respond due to the infiltrator's work. The small fleets present around Harrah-Kishar were quickly destroyed and the NAR concentrated their fire on the Peacemaker.

Second dayEdit

The HAE finally realises that something is amiss as they cannot hail Harrah-Kishar anymore. They send in a small fleet that is quickly destroyed, the HAE sends in a stronger fleet that suffers the same fate as the last fleet. However, they were able to send in a message and some pictures giving the HAE more details about the NAR's numbers.

Third dayEdit

The HAE gathered a fleet big enough to save Harrah-Kishar and sends their fleets through. In the meantime Harrah-Kishar is being breached and NAR troops swarm through the giant construct destroying key elements.

Fourth dayEdit

When the HAE fleet arrives they notice the NAR retreating as Harrah-Kishar starts to explode. They arrived too late.


The HAE made a tremendous loss after losing Harrah-Kishar, the entire region became unprotected and the NAR took planet after planet. From this point on both sides began using their Peacemakers to fight each other.

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