The Battle of Daybreak
Part of The Polemos Galactic War
Date 3.999(.579) AM
Location Laoine Borderlands
Result Laoine Pyrrhic victory
Twelve star systems
Laoine, Vorians, Rovians Yuharon
Grand Marshal Aoarean Uiraan,
Grand Captain Taqran an'Aqqur†
20 Vorian Dreadnoughts,
300 thousand Vorian ships,
10 Laoine Dreadnoughts,
125 thousand Laoine ships, 50 billion Vorian soldiers
14 Yuharon Dreadnoughts,
350 thousand Yuharon ships,
32 billion Yuharon soldiers
16 Vorian Dreadnoughts,
230 thousand Vorian ships,
7 Laoine Dreadnoughts,
87 thousand Laoine ships,
29 billion Vorian soldiers
14 Yuharon Dreadnoughts,
339 thousand Yuharon ships,
31.5 billion Yuharon soldiers
The reason why both sides sustained massive casualties is because the Laoine side did not let the Yuharon surrender. The Yuharon mutation occured soon after.
The Battle of Daybreak was a battle at the first peak of the Polemos Galactic War. It ended in a Pyrrhic victory for the Laoine.


There were two sides of the battle, one being Yuharon and the other Laoine and their allies. The Yuharon were outnumbered greatly, although their superior technolgy slightly tipped the balace. However, the Vorian soldier numbers were huge, as they swept through multiple systems, talking over bases easily.

The Laoine side was led by their own leader, as he was an excellent strategist. The Vorians were led by the Grand Captain Taqran an'Aqqur, who died in battle. The Yuharon were led by unknown leaders.


As the Polemos Galactic War dragged on, Vorians began developing dreadnoughts. The first 20 of these were deployed onto the battlefield as well as 300 thousand Vorian ships and many Laoine dreadnoughts and ships. They began an offensive front onto a large Yuharon fleet, aiming to destroy it. The 14 dreadnoughts in the fleet were targeted as prime subjects, and detachments of battleships and battlecruisers were sent out to destroy them. With many waves of these detachments and several casualties), a total of 3 of these dreadnoughts were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Laoine and Vorian dreadnoughts were destroying many Yuharon ships left, right, and center. By the time that the first planetary forces began fighting, 6 of the 14 opposing dreadnoughts were destroyed and 61 thousand ships were destroyed, with only 1 Vorian dreadnought and 8 thousand ships were destroyed on the Laoine side.

However, as the first star system was captured, the Yuharon began using all of their power to fight back. As they only lost another 5 dreadnoughts, 3 Laoine and 7 Vorian dreadnoughts were destroyed, along with many thousands of their ships. Planetary defense took out many troops, and it seemed as if neither side would win in the bloodbath. The Laoine and Yuharon both thought they would win, neither of them retreating.

Eventually, when the dust settled, almost the entire Yuharon force was obliterated, surrendering to the slightly better shape Laoine forces. The Laoine only got 12 star systems from the battle, and had an immense hole placed in their fleet at the time. However, the casualties now appear to be very low compared to current battles.

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