The Battle of Andavronia was a large-scale military coup on the surface of Andavronia and started the Andavronian Civil War. The fight lasted 3 weeks before the last remants of the New Andavronian Republic were routed.


The Andavronian Home Fleet above the planet, which is led by 5 general, of which 3 generals participated in the coup opened fire on the non-participating generals and their ships. When these were destroyed in the sudden attack they began bombarding bases and outposts on Andavronia. Mercenaries, corrupt soldiers and many volunteers arrived in hundreds of ships through FTL from an unknown location and began landing on the planet to begin the coup.


The entire surface of Andavronia, the metropolitan cities, the jungles and the poles.


First dayEdit

The first day during the military coup was full of small skirmishes all over Andavronia, the New Andavronian Republic was taking out the High Andavronian Empire's outposts and bases all over the planet. Due to their sheer numbers they were unable to counterattack and most were destroyed in battle. Captured imperial soldiers were executed, none survived. The last bastion, and the sole base that never fell, was the imperial palace. The emperor and his family fled underground after the republic began bombarding it. There they were able to hold their ground along with 1.500 soldiers. The emperor's son, Eriudh, died during the last hour due to a collapsing ceiling.

First weekEdit

During the first week the empire had been struggling to get through the blockade over Andavronia. After 3 days they were able to land the first soldiers on the surface and begin retaking the bases one by one.

Second weekEdit

The second week was amous or the liberation of the capitol of Andavronia. The republic brought in reinforcements and trapped the imperials between the walls of the conquered capitol and the reinforcements, the imperials had to fight 5 to 1 but still managed to win by focusing on the reinforcements.

Third weekEdit

During the third week the republic was almost completaly routed, they were unable to bring in more reinforcements due to a heavy military presence in orbit and those still on Andavronia were quickly taken care of. Officers were captured, brought for court martial and executaed for war crimes.


The failed military coup kickstarted the beginning of the Andavronian Civil War. It was revealed that several of the most influental Andavrons played a part in the coup. Plekdhen, director of the Andavronian Secret Intelligence Service. Vice-President Gedrekh of the Ulroth Company and 3 generals who's names have been erased from history due to their high treason.

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