Basnal fill the tetracrurian niche of the Vorician biosphere.


Basnal, most commonly, have sight abilities, unlike the three lesser animals in the Vorician biosphere. They have several varieties, most sharing the same body shape. Basnal have one, large head, usually with two eyes. They most commonly are herbivorous, but there are some carnivorous forms. They also can get plenty of nutrients from water, which they filter in their stomachs.

Since they are tetracrurians, Basnal have four legs. Each of these legs have 3 joints, not including foot joints. The first of these are socket joints, at their hips. There then is 2 socket joints, one connecting a segment which faces backward, and then the next connects that to the lower leg. Their feet have flat, flexible bottoms which enable them to move across several kinds of terrain and not sing in swamps. These also enable quick swimming.

Basnal have varying kinds of teeth, specializing in what they eat. Most herbivores have completely flat teeth, designed to grind up all sorts of leaves and needles into an edible pulp. Carnivorous versions have sharp, serrated teeth for tearing off flesh from the bone. These carnivores are often smaller and faster, and more streamlined. They are also far more intelligent.

Basnal have a four chambered heart, connected to two lungs. These lungs preform respiration. It is surrounded by a fatty sheath to insulate it. The have encephalization quotients ranging from 1.32 to 2.23.


There are several varieties of Basnal, but are seperated into two different groups.

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