The basal sklasher is the fossil ancestor of the sklasher. Fossils have been found on Skrap, and are valued by collectors all over Viperius. It lived about 25 million years ago.


Basal sklasher fossils are not too rare, and the most common fossils are teeth, found on lake shores and within cliffs. Skull fragments are also occasionally found, along with vertebrae and rib pieces. These indicate that the animal lacked the horn that modern skalshers had. They were also smaller, at 8 meters long, opposed to 12.


Fossils of this species are very popular among collectors in Viperius, both young and old. It is known that Seff Tintel has a complete skull, although this was illegally stolen from a protected site. However, most of the sklasher fossils on the market are perfectly legal, and it is very hard to find fakes, since the fossils are so common that it isn't worth the effort to forge them.

The teeth can be bought for only 75-500 credits each, depending on size and quality.

The Museum has some jaw pieces, loose teeth, vertebrae and a whole rib from this predator on display, with many more fossils in storage. Teeth are also seen for sale in the gift shop.

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