Badas is a planet located in the Rignath galaxy of the Undrishuar universe. It is notable for the variety of creatures descended from mobile plants, and its numerous aggressive species.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Badas is a Planetary Class RHI, with .6 Earth masses, an average temperature of 31 degrees, and a surface coverage of 69% water. It has numerous jungles and reefs, due to the adaptability gained by the plants here.

Life formsEdit

Badas' continents are mainly inhabited by land plants of one form or another. They form vast forests, and places where deserts or swamps might have been are filled to the brim with trees. Many of these trees are venomous, parastitic or otherwise dangerous, due to the pressure from having only other plants to compete with at the earlier stages of their history. The plants, as well as vertebrates and algae seeded, appear to be from Dek.


Badas, paradoxically when you remember its inhabitants, is often used as a stopping place in Rignath. Its tribal sapients, though, have allowed a large city to be built. They enjoy the contact with other species, and often guide people around the city or the surrounding area (although the surrounding area is only able to be explored after a legal document is signed, basically stating that they chose to enter the area and, although insurance can be given, no charges may be given to the locals).

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