The Avio, Defenders of Avio-Kingus


Avio-Kingus, Unknown System




2-3 feet tall





Scientific Name:

Aviokingus venanithus (Bio21, 2011)

The Avio Kingdom is a powerful civilization in the Dinoterra Universe. Their early advancement was oppressed by the Raptor sapiens, who colonized their homeworld, Avio-Kingus during the tribal era. They are normally a peaceful civilization, but when involving their bitter enemies, they become aggressive and often attack other civilizations.


The Avio evolved from a creature called Ickthiornis avio that evolved naturally on Avio-Kingus after the Raptor sapiens colonized it. They were originally bird-like creatures form the continent of Hateg (the tropical island, easternmost continent) where they lived in trees and attacked dinosaurs due to their abnormally small size.

After they developed sapience, they formed many tribes that lived in tree villages, which were buildings high in the canopy. All of the tribes united to push the Raptor sapiens out of their world. For that, they have been enemies longer than anyone can remember.


They are white birds with some blue, orange, and black coloration on them. They are a naturally flexible and intelligent species due to the fact that they had to live with dinosaurs, and became very powerful.

They are often used as elite avian fighters in attacks by the Alliance. They are skilled and coordinated in flying and dive bombing, and so their empire has grown quite rapidly.



  • Hierarchy: The Avios hierarchy is based mostly on tribalism-like principles. The kingdom has no specific leader, but large areas of space are controlled by Chieftains, the army is led by War Chieftains. Large groups are led by captains. There are many average ranks in the hierarchy such as some specialists (i.e. dive bombers, stealth officers, bodyguards, honor bodyguards), and regular infantry (ultra, major, minor) to do most of the fighting. There are of course, average citizens, and farmers.
  • Mythology: Much of their mythology revolves around huge dinosaurs or mythical dragons, and heroes fighting them.
  • Other: The Avios have a deep hatred for Raptor sapiens. They view them as evil and cruel tyrants because the Raptors colonized their homeworld during the tribal age, and oppressed them, slowing down their development. They eventually held an uprising and drove the Raptors off of their planet.


See Hierarchy.


Main Article Avio Technology

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