Unknown, near Dinoterra


Apoltas, Batroo, Detalat

Notable Species:




Aveo-Kingus is a planet in a solar system only 1pc away from the alternate-Earth in the Dinoterra universe. It was, at one time, colonized by the Raptor sapiens, and they introduced dinosaurs to the planet which evolved into indigenous species. However, a different sapient race called the Avio Kingdom reached intelligence here, and forced the Raptors out of their colonies (they still use this planet as a hunting preserve). There are five planets in the system, and Avio-Kingus has three small moons.


The planet has one large landmass which is divided into four smaller continents. No grass can be found anywhere on the planet, except in the southern grasslands.


Maglonsis is the northernmost continent, and it is widely covered in deserts with some small oasis's consisting of expanses of forest and large lakes.

  • Shuvuia mikodunn is the smallest dinosaurian species to live on this continent. It is also the only species that has spread out all across the planet, and evolved into many species.
  • Theriraptor maglonsis is a small predator that often hunts in packs to escape from larger predators.
  • Vitiorum venatorus is the dominant predator in this region. It sometimes shares the hierarchy with its two relative species.
  • Viriorum taurus is a smaller, stronger relative of the venatorus species. They specialize in hunting larger, slower species of prey.
  • Viriorum carnocomedenti is by far the smallest of all the Viriorum species. Unlike the larger species, it does not possess feathers, but a scaly hide that allowed it to change color.
  • Primaceratops stubbornus is one of the only herbivores native to the region. It is quite plentiful in every area of the continent.
  • Sytanes praedarum is one of the species brought from Dinoterra that didn't evolve into another species. They are perfectly adapted to every environment on the planet.


Agrenta is a temperate continent below the equator covered mostly with grasslands and deciduous forests. A large variety of foliage can be found here including deciduous, tropical, and coniferous trees, cycads, but no grass (save for the grasslands).

  • Shuvuia actinum is a small relative of Shuvuia that adapted to live on the grasslands and in the forests of Agrenta.
  • Nopotii nopotii is a species of crocodile-like creature that often eats the eggs of large creatures.
  • Nitanosaurus iklar is the largest dinosaur in the area. It towers over everything else, and is prey for only the largest of predators.
  • Iguanodon agrentus is a species of Iguanodon on the southern continent. It is among the largest of all the Iguanodontid species.
  • Notorosaurus charcharus is the largest predator on the planet.
  • Stegodontosaurus nordum is a smaller relative of Nitanosaurus that often follows herds around to gain protection from predators.


Hateg is a largely island continent in the easternmost area of the planet. It is divided into two smaller areas, the Alpha and Beta reigons. The Alpha Region is full of giants, and the Beta Region is full of dwarfs.

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