A drawing of an augurlor. Note the tongue, saw-like mouthparts behind the fangs, and egg pouch.

On Badas, each continent has an apex predator of one kind or another. The augurlor (plural augurlores 'AUG-ur-LOR-AIZ'), though, could be considered one of the most dangerous. 80% of its diet is made up of flesh and bone.


Augurlores are, unlike many of Badas' vicious beasts, true animals. They are descended from Dekian jawless fish, and still lack a lower jaw. However, two rows of saw-like mouthparts between the outer, immobile fangs more than make up for it, and its venomous tongue can make it seem like overkill. These, however, are adaptations to kill as quickly as possible before heavy envenomation. The creatures of Badas feel much less of a toxin's effects than most animals, but larger doses still can and will kill them.

The main method of killing is through impalation with the fangs, and then sawing through flesh and bone, with doses of venom from the tongue (which, with a dose you could give with the average syringe, could kill a Salsene in a little bit under a second) to quicken the kill. The tongue releases venom on command, as wasting venom on prey that will die quickly anyway is too much of a waste. The back legs of an augurlor are built to cradle and protect eggs. Both male and female augurlores have these, as caring for their large, single egg capsule is for both parents. The numerous capsulings that hatch are also carried within the arms, for a time, anyway. The average adult augurlor is about twelve metres long, but the largest known of this species grew to 20 tons and survived through a combination of large amounts of fruit (augurlores enjoy fruit, and will often saw down entire branches laden with fruits to be swallowed whole), stealing the kills of others and attacking a yearly migration of large herbivores.

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