There are many ancient legends that the Atrenids believed in their early days. Even though the race has moved to a scientific perspective, they still honor these myths, and names from these legends are still used today.



Guisus was the first of all, and was the god of perfection and harmony. In the beginning he created all there is, all there was, and all that will ever be. He had the ability to take on any form he wished. The Lights of Guisus were named after him.


Vixrek was Guisus's sister and counterpart, and was the goddess of destruction and chaos. She also had the ability to shapeshift, and used it frequently for malicious intent. The two siblings are equally powerful.

Other GodsEdit

All other gods were believed to be modified images of Guisus and Vixrek. They all did their duties under the control of one or the other.


Legend has it that the Atrenid myths were first written down by an ancient scholar named Hamarc. He was regarded as a noble wise man in his day. He had mental skills not believed to have persisted in any individual since.

Creation MythEdit

It was said that in the beginning, there was only the primeval fire. One day, sparks from this fire ignited and created the first gods, Guisus and Vixrek. Guisus was one of peace, and only wished to enjoy his new life that was given to him. However, Vixrek only wished to have what existed for herself, and would happily kill her brother to get it.

But at that time, all that lived were the two gods and the primeval fire from whence they came. They both wanted to make more things, and create a multiverse, but for markedly different reasons. Guisus wanted to create a land where all was fair and equal and the people rejoiced. Vixrek wanted a world to rule over and to destroy over and over again. They both had the power to create a multiverse, and so they did, at exactly the same time. And so, there was not two multiverses but one, possessing both good and evil, which remains to this day.

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