The Aswarap Circuit Architecture was a certain circuit-board design that made effective use of magnetism to allow a steady flow of current without the use of any precious metals like gold and copper.


Certainly not new, the ACA-design originated back to 7,600 AM, unknown where it was found precisely. The creator of the ACA-design became known after a reference to it was found in the classic low-budget book, "Where did that come from?".

The piece of text from page 73 "...Speaking of delicate equipment, last Gunuyko I bought a tiny circuitboard from the market. It was not like the usual cicruitboards, and I asked the seller what it was. It turned it to be a ACA. I hear you thinking.. Stands for Aswarap Circuit Architecture. The ACA was made by the Paduron Intelligence, a group that dealt with technological problems at that time that split itself from the Arad. The group dates back to 7400 AM, so it's safe to say that the ACA piece might be from that time..."


One of the applications in which the ACA-design was utilized, was the OTA330-circuitboard, a commercial memory/processor hybrid that did not sell at all due to the fact that it didn't fit any 'slot'-standard.

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