Gyxor map-Kingdoms

Map of Gyxor containing the kingdoms, empires and republics: -Grey: Tsovur empire -Purple: Inthag republic -Green: Himin kingdom -Red: Junto kingdom -Yellow: Quiros republic -Orange: Valbique kingdom -Brown: Mamulika kingdom -Dark green: Mantrisal kingdom -White: Hirnioth empire

The time for a new era has commenced! We shall bring light to those who had not seen it yet! We will unify our world and species and we shall continue to prosper!
- Tritkus-Amun'ignzo-King of the(destroyed)Isthom kingdom

This new age brings forth new religions, alliances and cultures on the planet of Gyxor.

New culturesEdit

-Astin:The Astin developed several cultures:

  • Ignhamtru: an Oriental inspirated style for the Astin living on the desert islands(and kingdom)of Mantrisal.
  • Guerrial: a Spanish inspired style for the following nations: Tsovur republic, Himin kingdom, Junto kingdom, Quiros republic and the Valbique kingdom.
  • Nordvia: a Viking inspired style for the Hirnioth empire.

New societiesEdit

During the arrival of the new era the following societies are the ruling ones:

  • Astins: As the most dominating species of Gyxor the Astins rule most nations and have the most rights.
  • Yhang: After having disappeared during the first Gyxorian ice age(in fewer numbers)they returned, replenished their numbers and started to communicate with the Astin.
  • Ovgul: During the first Gyxorian ice age the Ovgul became befriended with the Astin and they could settle everywhere. However, during the 5th, last and heaviest Gyxorian ice age they went extinct.

New alliancesEdit

Now that war has became a more serious matter the kingdoms, empires and republics formed alliances to help themselves against their enemys.


  • Tsovur empire: Contains serveral smaller nations who joined as one to gain in power.
  • Himto alliance: Contains the Himin and the Junto kingdom.
  • Inthag republic: Contains Inthag and its sister states, after it destroyed Isthom it got attacked by the Tsovur empire.
  • Quirque alliance: Contains the Quiros republic and Valbique kingdom.
  • Hirnioth empire: Contains the most aggresive fighters encountered on Gyxor, these villages, towns and cities have joined as one with one goal: unify the world under their banner.

New kingdoms and republicsEdit

The first kingdom to rise was Isthom but was later destroyed by the Inthag republic. The following nations have since risen to power:

  • Tsovur empire.
  • Inthag republic.
  • Himin kingdom.
  • Junto kingdom.
  • Quiros republic.
  • Valbique kingdom.
  • Mamulika kingdom.
  • Mantrisal kingdom.
  • Hirnioth empire.

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